Healthy Tip # 4: Eat Breakfast!

Eat breakfast!

Start your day with a protein-packed meal and feel fuller throughout the day. If you don't have much time I have laid out some very simple suggestions to get your day rocking with a simple protein smoothie.

-Protein smoothies are great for a breakfast. The high protein will keep you full till your next meal or snack. Be sure to add some sort of healthy carbohydrate (banana, apple, berries). Carbohydrate keep you full of energy until your next meal. Secondly add a tablespoon of healthy fat (coconut oil, nuts). Healthy fats are the chariots of your healthy meal. They bind to the nutrients of you meal and carry them through your system. 

Protein Basic Recipe:

8oz almond milk

1 banana

1/2 scoop greens powder

tablespoon coconut oil

2 scoops your favorite protein powder

1/4 scoop ice

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